NCIS season 16: If Kasie sticks around, what do we want to learn?

NCISYou better start off this particular NCIS season 16 story with one particular disclaimer: We are writing it with the thinking in mind that Kasie is going to be sticking around the show for a while. At the moment, CBS has not actually confirmed what they are doing when it comes to Abby’s replacement, but she is the replacement that makes the most sense

The biggest reason why, at the moment, feels fairly obvious. We are talking about someone now who already has a pre-existing relationship with the audience, and is also close to one of the major characters in Ducky. This is the sort of thing that you often do when introducing a new person into the mix, especially when you were replacing someone as iconic as Pauley Perrette. Kasie bring some of the same skills that Abby had, but also a sense of style and personality that is uniquely her own. We know that Kasie has a good sense of humor, just as we also know that she loves the music of the fifties. Yet, there are still so many other things that we need to still learn about her.

So what are some of the things that we are the most curious about? Let’s take a look at some of those below.

Her personal life – What is the situation with Kasie romantically? Is she dating anyone, and if not, what is she looking for? We do not know the character’s sexuality just yet, let alone her entire dating history. There are a lot of different ways there series could go and they’ve given themselves a lot of room in order to explore different dynamics and many different highs and lows. When thinking about a possible series regular, it’s always a good thing to leave yourself open to a lot of different possibilities.

What motivates her? – To be specific, what caused her to want to have some sort of career in forensic science? It is such a specific thing to develop a passion for, and an episode in which we learn a lot more about this could be a valuable one for the sake of advancing this character and her story forward. It could also further inform her relationship with some other members of the team.

How could she function when the chips are down? – It almost feels as though this is one of the best tests of any character’s true mettle within the NCIS universe. There are always speicic episodes in which unlikely characters end up having to play the hero. We’ve seen it before with Abby, and we would certainly want to see it here, as well. How Kasie would function in this particular situation would say quite a bit about her long-term ability to be an asset for the team. Also, it could just be a breath of fresh air in the midst of a crazy season.

Let us just hope that, one way or another, CBS makes it clear what the future of this character is on NCIS. After all, at that point we can really get some of the speculation going.

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