NCIS season 16 character spotlight: What lies ahead for McGee?

NCIS season 15 episode 9What lies ahead for Timothy McGee on NCIS season 16? In this edition of our ongoing CarterMatt character spotlight series, we want to do our best to put our focus on McGee and discuss what we want to see for him moving into the next season.

It feels as though we’re coming off of one of the strongest overall seasons for his character. First and foremost, he survived the dangerous cliffhanger in South America. Then, he became a parent for the first time and had to adjust to this new chapter of his life. We also saw some great material for him alongside French Stewart and at the end of the season, he had to mourn the death of Clayton Reeves and also grapple with the departure of Abby, someone he was close to from the very beginning of the series.

With all of this being said, it feels clear that the bar entering season 16 is set high for Sean Murray’s character. Nonetheless, we do still have a few suggestions.

Solidifying his long-term future – Next to Gibbs and Ducky, McGee is the NCIS team member who has been around the team the longest. We do think that with that, we’d like to see him have even more opportunities to step up to the plate and be a member. While we don’t want to see Gibbs leave anytime soon, it feels as though McGee is the heir apparent to take his place whenever he does make that decision to retire. We’d like to see the show explore more the idea of Tim taking on more responsibility, even in the midst of being a new parent.

Building new relationships – McGee should be one of the first people to bond more with whoever ends up joining the NCIS team over the summer. It feels certain that we’re going to get a new forensic scientist, whether that ends up being Kasie or someone else. Meanwhile, it’s possible that the show chooses to bring on board another agent to replace Clayton Reeves. McGee should be one of those guys now that sets the tone for how newcomers are treated to the team. He still probably remembers what it was like for him so many years ago.

A meaty storyline with Delilah – It would be nice to see Margo Harshman come back for an arc that focuses the two working together on some sort of case — while seeing them as parents does make for good, relatable storytelling for viewers, we also don’t want to loose sight of their professional work and it’d be nice to still see Delilah in that environment. We tend to only see Harshman a few times a season and we want to see the series make the most of it.

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