MacGyver season 3 spotlight: What could be coming up for Riley?

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In this week’s edition of our MacGyver season 3 Spotlight series, we are putting the focus on the character of Riley. She is someone who is resourceful, determined, and can also be really fun. She is the show’s resident hacker, but we’ve also gotten a chance to see a softer side underneath her occasionally snarky exterior.

There are a lot of different directions that the show can choose the take for this character moving into season 3, so the following are just a few suggestions based on what we like about her, and how we think that she can grow from here.


More time with Bozer –  Let’s take the possibility of a romance out of the equation for a moment, mostly because we know that we are someone who roots for the two of them be together — there’s an obvious bias. Romance or no romance, there’s just something very fun about these two characters working together just because they are in many ways polar opposites. They carry with them different skill sets, and they also don’t have the same sort of training that many of the other characters do. We want more situations moving into season 3 in which they are you forced to be able to use their unusual skill set to get out of difficult situations.  Also, the more times you put them undercover, the better.


More specific adversaries – We always liked it on shows like this where each character has their own villains. With that in mind, we have already seen MacGyver have many a battle with Murdoc and others. To go along with that, Jack clearly has some of his own enemies. We can see there being a lot of fun in Riley squaring off with even more hackers than we’ve seen to date. It’s popped up here and there, but we’d likely to see it even more from here.

More Elwood – It has been fun to see Riley’s biological father around during the second season, mostly because it is a way to bring down her defenses and show off a different side to her character. What we’d like to see from here with the two of them are some unusual situations. Take, for example, Riley needing to educate her dad and order to solve the mission when he is the only person who can save the day. Or, maybe he finds himself and a life-or-death situation and Riley has to be the one to save his life. The more you can push this relationship, the better off it could be.

Tristin Mays has done a great job making Riley one of the most likable people within the MayGver world, and no matter what is done from here, we have a feeling it will make for great television.

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