MacGyver season 3 spotlight: What should be next for Bozer?

MacGyver season 3 - BozerFor today’s edition of our ongoing MacGyver season 3 spotlight, we’re putting the focus on a character we’ve long loved in Bozer. He’s one of the most consistent sources of comedy throughout the series but beyond that, he’s also one of the show’s greatest underdog stories. Despite Justin Hires proving with Rush Hour that he has the ability to do more physical stuff, he’s still able to move over into this role as the jack-of-all-trades former prop-master and filmmaker. He can go undercover and be successful at it, but more often he leaves the field work to Mac and Jack. He has the proper training now to do more, but it all really depends on circumstances.

Given what happened with Mac at the end of season 2, with him deciding that he wants to be away from the Phoenix Foundation for the time being, it does feel like Bozer’s going to have to assume a more active role. That is the foundation for our suggestions below.

1. More undercover Bozer – We almost relate Bozer at this point to a Chuck Bartowski sort of figure, someone who is relatively green but working alongside a number of highly-experienced people including Jack, Matty, and Riley. We don’t want them to rush Bozer’s development too much; as a matter of fact, the most appealing part of Bozer being undercover right now is the opportunity it presents for him to make some mistakes. A big part of what makes him so entertaining is the simple fact that he does have so little experience in this.

2. Leanna and Bozer working together more – We’re down for seeing Bozer happy, and with Leanne at least tentatively joining the Phoenix Foundation, there are some chances for this. Yet, is the move permanent? Will Bozer really like working with his girlfriend full-time? These are questions that we personally wonder, though personally we also remain a Bozer/Riley ‘shipper and have been since the first season.

3. Revisit more of Mac and Bozer’s early friendship – The period of time before Bozer knew what his best friend actually does for a living is really fun in retrospect, largely because we’re curious as to how that was really like beyond what we saw. How did they guys maintain this friendship for so long while Mac had such a secret? We love this era of the show in retrospect and would be happy to dive back into it.

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