Take Two season 1 episode 4: Sam’s ex returns to cause some trouble

Take Two episode 4ABC’s Take Two is bring the heat next week for its fourth episode, according to episode 4’s promo. Just as Sam is starting to settle in and help Eddie with his cases, Sam’s ex-boyfriend is going to show. This is the same man that dumped her on live television and helped contribute to her downward spiral. We can guess that having him show up out of the blue could throw Sam off her game. It wouldn’t be unusual, especially since there are probably many good memories and, of course, many hurtful ones. So his presence is going to shake things up a bit.

For the promo, Sam and Eddie also get their next case because of Sam’s ex. He wants his laptop and he comes in and blames Sam telling her that she has it. It’s revealed that there’s a sex tape on it of him and Sam. Being that it could ruin Sam all over again, she wants to get it back now just as much as her ex, however, as the case continues Eddie becomes suspicious after they are attacked by hooded figures in broad daylight trying to retrieve the laptop back. As a result, the Sam and Eddie mounted a mission to find out what’s really on the laptop and discover that Sam’s ex may be involved with drugs. However, Sam believes he is innocent because she believes he wouldn’t be involved in something like that. When the pair discover the drugs, they are caught by the police.

It’s obvious the pair could be arrest or at least brought to the station to explain why they were there. The police may have caught up with them possibly already investigating a drug ring and Sam and Eddie may have just stumbled upon it. While we aren’t sure whether or not Sam’s ex is involved, it certainly isn’t looking food for him. If he is being framed, then its a great frame job. On the other hand, if he really is involved then there has to be a twist because he is making it too easy for Sam, Eddie and even the cops.

Overall, it’s going to be an exciting episode because it has the potential to reveal more about Sam. Her ex-boyfriend is a great way to introduce more about her that are essential for us to know. It would be naturally for Eddie to ask questions about their relationship in order to understand why Sam feels the way she does. Is is Thursday yet?

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