Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Kaitlyn’s HoH, rife with paranoia (day 16, evening)

Big Brother 20
The moment that it was determined that Kaitlyn was going to be Head of Household this week within the Big Brother 20 house, you had to know that this was going to be really glorious, right?

Well, to date it is absolutely paying off and living up to all of our hype. At the moment, the members of Kaitlyn’s former alliance are still scrambling in order to determine who it was that cast the vote to send Steve home — for now, much of the suspicion seems to be on Rockstar since she is the one who expressed doubt at times about the vote. Swaggy C is feeling a little bit of the paranoia, but he and the rest of the allies including Bayleigh, Faysal, and Haleigh seem to be doing what they can in order to stay positive and focused.

Yet, we’ve seen already that Kaitlyn is a loose cannon who is somewhat susceptible to going along with what other people tell her to do, and that’s what makes her as HoH so interesting. It’s a great thing for her to be in power right now since nobody can really question her as the vote that sent Steve home. However, depending on her nominations she is probably going to get some serious blood on her hands. The only way that she could keep most everyone okay with her is to nominate a contingent of JC, Scottie, and Sam, otherwise known as the few people who aren’t a part of any sort of official alliance. Yet, we doubt that will happen. As of right now, our primary sentiment is that she will target either Swaggy C or Bayleigh, especially since her crumbling relationship with the former may be one of the reasons why she made this move in the first place.

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It’s hard to think too hard about what anyone’s next move is going to be given that it is so early and there is another BB App Store advantage coming into play; be sure to keep coming back over the next few weeks for some other news.

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