Big Brother 20 episode 5: Was Sam Bledsoe or Steve Arienta evicted?

Sam Bledsoe
Was Sam Bledsoe or Steve Arienta evicted on Thursday night’s Big Brother 20 episode? A big part of what made this story so interesting going into it was the element of the unknown. While entering the hour it felt like Sam had eked out a last-minute reprieve thanks to Kaitlyn flipping, there are a few hours between the show airing and the eviction. That was plenty of time for her to properly change her mind.

So who would go home, and would Sam save herself? Over the course of tonight’s episode, we could find out. Basically, what we learned when it comes to her advance is that Sam would need to complete a challenge, if evicted, in order to return to the game.

What surprised us was how quickly we got around to the eviction … plus how much strategy that we lost in favor of seeing Kaitlyn freak out over how close Faysal and Haleigh were getting. Having the vote be so early was, in part, what made us think that Sam was going to be heading home from the game.

Eviction – The plan by Tyler and Level 6 worked, as Kaitlyn did flip over to them, thinking that she was on the bottom of the other alliance. It was 7-6, and the look on Swaggy C’s face said it all when it comes to how he was blindsided after thinking he was running things. Steve is gone.

The funny thing is that because Sam didn’t go home, there was no challenge and there was a lot of time that Julie Chen had to fill. We’re disappointed that nobody told him precisely what happened, but at the same time it probably would’ve taken a little bit too long in order to explain all of it. Steve still thought, for example, that he was close to Brett and Winston! That’s just one of a couple of different things that went awry for him this week.

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The new Head of Household

The objective of this competition was fairly clear: Trying to launch a ball into different positions with various point totals. There was a little bit of cheekiness to this being set around a cityscape. Scottie started with the lead, and then after that, the power transitioned over to Sam. Kaitlyn ended up beating her and for the sake of great TV, this is the best possible outcome. Kaitlyn as HoH should be a mess!

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