Code Black season 3 episode 12: Willis hits a breaking point

Code Black LogoCBS’s Code Black has also been intense. Angels Memorial Hospital reaches code black 300 times a year so you can imagine the stress it causes, and for Dr. Ethan Willis it breaks him. In the episode 12 promo it appears Willis has reached his breaking point as Rox still lays in a hospital bed.

In last week’s episode Rox was hit by a drunk driver and ever since has been fighting for her life. We know that Rox and Ethan have feelings for each other that go beyond partners in an ambulance. It was obvious when Ethan couldn’t fully concentrate when Rox was brought to the hospital. He was affected big time by her accident and apparently it will only get worse.

In the promo, Willis has been by Rox’s bedside. We can only imagine that he has been supportive the entire time. This entire ordeal has made him come to terms with his feelings for her and he probably feels conflicted and helpless. It makes sense. Ethan is a doctor who has a troubled and traumatic past. He couldn’t help his brother and now he can help Rox. With that said, doing whatever it takes by whatever means is his only option. As a result, Ethan puts his career in danger. The United States army shows up and demands that he enter a psychology evaluation for his erratic behavior.

We can’t wait for this episode because while it’s going to be intense and emotional, it’s going to reveal a lot about Ethan’s character. We know Ethan has an honest and blunt personality and next week we are going to learn just how much he can care for a person.

In addition, we were devastated last episode when it was revealed that Ariel left. The hurt on Leanne’s face said it all and we cried. She has been excited her entire shift to get home to tell Ariel the good news and to discover that she had left was a devastating blow. Next week, we hope to get some answers regarding what made her decide to leave. We know from previous episodes that she was worried the state would take her away from Leanne, but we didn’t think it would make her leave. It’s clear Ariel has trust issues and it appears she wanted to leave on her own, instead of someone telling her it was time to go. Between her worries about her adoption and the death of Max, it can be seen as a normal reaction. However, if we know Leanne, she won’t give up and will try to bring her home. After all, she loves her daughter.

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