Big Brother 20 episode 4 review: Snake pits, Vetoes, and shock collars

Tyler CrispenTonight’s Big Brother 20 was one of the scarier episodes we’ve seen thanks mostly to the Veto Competition, but it also proved to be one of the more entertaining because of it. Given that most of the game-related stuff was shown on the live feeds the past few days, we had to have something else to be excited about this week!

The first major twist to the game that we saw this week came via the Hamazon deliveries, which were mostly stupid but they gave us an opportunity to see that being overloaded with vegan ham can make you want to vomit in the toilet. The other twist was seeing two(!) different houseguests select houseguest’s choice during the Veto Competition, which is something that we really don’t see happen all that often.

As for things that were less exciting about this episode, seeing Bayleigh freak out about going on the block potentially was much ado about nothing. We don’t think that she was anywhere near that upset about this for as long as it seemed on the show.

Let’s get to the Veto now – That’s the meat of this article, and for good reason given that this was nuts. The objective for this competition was for the houseguest to dig through a pit of snakes in order to find some “likes.” The person who failed to collect the most would be eliminated from each round.

After Scottie was eliminated from the first round, the second round then featured the houseguests having to taking the polar bear plunge for more likes. Swaggy C got obliterated here, which meant that Tyler, Faysal, and the nominees in Sam and Steve kept competing. The third wave was all about balance, and the fourth was surviving shock collars. This one was the challenge that finally did Sam in, but we give her a lot of credit competing so hard against some of these guys twice her size. (The moment that they brought out those collars, we would’ve been done.) Tyler effectively threw the final part of it, which allowed Faysal to win! He didn’t use it, which means that either Sam or Steve could leave on Thursday, pending what happens with the twist.

CarterMatt Verdict

In between Sam as a robot, the Veto Competition, and watching Faysal down a bunch of vegan ham, this was a really fun week in the house — there have been some dark times (read about them below), but we have enjoyed a lot of what the show has given us.

Our big critique, though, is that in the midst of everything that the show gave us tonight, they revealed next to nothing when it comes to post-Veto strategy. What gives when it comes to that?

If you missed it…

Earlier today, we wrote about CBS’ statement in regards to the recent behavior of who we believe to be JC, Angela, and Rachel in the house. They didn’t name names, but these are the three embroiled in controversy. You can read more about that here or subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more updates.

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