Shadowhunters season 3: Why is there no Comic-Con panel?

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersWhy is there no San Diego Comic-Con panel for Shadowhunters? We understand if this is a question that many people out there at wondering. After all, the series has been present at the San Diego convention, it does make sense to bring everyone back and promote the show a little bit more.

Of course, we are saying this in theory. Unfortunately, it does not seem as though Shadowhunters will have a presence this year, and there could be a number of different reasons for that. For starters, you can wonder about everyone’s various schedules, but beyond just that, one of the big issues may just be that no one is footing the bill for the cast and crew to attend the convention this year. Bringing everyone to Comic-Con is not an easy affair, especially because there are so many different publicity people, studios, security and then venues that need to be involved. It is a little bit different than having the actors attend a fan convention or some other events that happen in other parts of the world.

Really, the unfortunate thing about Shadowhunters not being there is that it does prove further that there is not too much interest on a network side in making sure that they’ll get optimum promotion. After all, there are some other Freeform series that are turning up at the convention. Why not add this one? Those other series are the ones that seem to have more of a long-term future there. As of right now, Shadowhunters will air the remainder of its run starting in 2019.

Perhaps the reason we are the most sad about this is that for many fans, they have not had a chance to see the cast, and it could become increasingly difficult to do so in the event that the show is not saved for another season somewhere else. There has yet to be an American convention featuring everyone since Freeform canceled the show, and we know that there are many people out there who were unable to make the trip to France to see many of them recently. This would have been a great opportunity to have a last hurrah featuring many familiar faces — or at least rally for another season.

Also, it would have just been a great opportunity in order to market the show further. That includes releasing some sort of new trailer for everything that is coming up and doing whatever you can to boost the ratings for this final stretch of episodes. If nothing else, these episodes may be able to secure a home somewhere else.

We remain hopeful that the show still have a chance at a season 4, mostly because the fans are relentless in their pursuit of it and are doing everything they can and order to make it happen. We want to believe that there are some potential suitors out there that are taking note of it — fan support matters, and any network should be thrilled to have this level of enthusiasm in their consumer base.

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