NCIS season 16: Should there be July 4 themed episode?

NCISNCIS season 16 is premiering on CBS this fall, but we want to go ahead and take on some discussion on the series today through the lens of the Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day everyone!  wouldn’t it be wonderful if we If we had a chance to see some of the show’s cast members / characters also embrace the holiday?

The idea of a show like NCIS doing more Independence Day themed episodes is very much exciting, especially since this is a series that celebrate patriotism and its Heroes more so than almost any other on TV. It is with that in mind that it is almost strange that we don’t see more in relation to the holiday.

Yet, there is a pretty logistical reason why we don’t. Because NCIS runs from September until May, it is hard to think of a reason to do an episode that is being around the 4th of July. For some people, they may just question why there is an episode set in July airing at some other point in the year. More often than not, NCIS likes to remain in line with events as they are happening in the real world. That is why you don’t see many episodes themed around somewhere, in general. The same goes for many other shows within this genre.

Now that we have said all of this, one thing that has crossed our mind here or there is simply why CBS doesn’t try to do some sort of NCIS Fourth of July special. Why not just have the regular 23 episodes during the standard season, and then use that 24th in order to try something different in airing a special at around this time of year? Well it is very much a risk, a show like NCIS affords you the opportunity to make such risks. It’s more than solid, and even if this one particular episode does not perform you can simply not do it in the future and you would be just fine. It just seems like a golden opportunity to celebrate Independence Day with the show’s patriotic fans.

Beyond just that, it does make some sense to try this out as a way to instill a yearly tradition. In Great Britain, for example, we often see many shows air Christmas specials every year on December 25. While the original assumption you would make here is that these shows would not perform well, they contrary actually ends up being true more often than not. Many of these shows and actually done very well in the ratings, and we actually think that NCIS could, as well, just as long as you time it out at a point in which most people are not off watching fireworks. It may be tricky, but you could make it happen and you could also make this a tradition that becomes a part of many viewers lives.

Alas, we don’t see this happening, but it is an interesting thing to think about.

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