These Game of Thrones – Kit Harington haircut debates are just plan silly

JonerysWe know that it’s fun to speculate about anything and everything when it comes to Game of Thronesespecially with the final season filming for much of the past several months. Yet, are we starting to get a little bit too obsessed debating over Kit Harington’s haircut while at the series wrap party?

Show fan site Winter is Coming recently posted a number of different photos featuring Harington and many other cast members arriving for the party in Belfast, and (wait for it) Kit still has long hair! This is mostly notable just because of many stories out there claiming, via Kit himself, that he is vowing to cut his hair the moment that he is done with the HBO series. Some, therefore, have read this as a sign that Jon Snow survives until either the end of the series or at least close to it.

Yet, we’re going to play Devil’s Advocate here for a pretty obvious reason: What if HBO didn’t want him to do this? Let’s just think about things this way. If HBO does do more filming (sometimes that happens even after wrap parties) and Kit suddenly turns up sporting a different haircut, everyone is going to assume that Jon potentially died before those scenes. In general, it feels like there’s a zero percent chance that the network or producers would allow Harington to do anything with his hair until filming is entirely complete. If they are going to treat some of the scripts like they are the prized possession in an Indiana Jones movie, don’t you think that they are going to be precious over every single possible secret known to mankind? That is, at least, how we see things from our own vantage point. They are not going to give any secrets away unless they absolutely have to … and they don’t. They don’t have to give anything away for a long time, given that the final season of Game of Thrones does not officially air until 2019.

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