Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Could Sam actually stay?

Sam BledsoeTypically, the longer the wait before an eviction, the more that players are going to think about doing crazy things within the Big Brother house. With that, we come to you bearing some surprising news: There’s a chance that a hinky vote from Rockstar could end up saving Sam in the game.

Here’s how this whole crazy scenario could come about. Rachel has managed to convince some members of Swaggy C’s alliance that because Brett and Winston have spent a lot of time talking with Steve, they are going to be voting to keep him. Basically, Rockstar now wants to consider the idea of her and someone else casting votes to evict Steve and then telling him that Brett and Winston were responsible for it. It’s a devious, fun plan … but it may be the result of another devious plan. If Steve goes home because of this, Swaggy C and the rest of his alliance may have a minor freakout and it could be live-feeds gold.

Do we think that it will happen? Not really, mostly because A) it’s dependent on Rachel selling Brett and Winston as keeping Steve (we don’t know how good of a salesperson she is within the game) and B) Rockstar really thinking that this is a move worth making in the 11th hour. Sam also will need to be convincing in her attempts to sell that she is heading out the door. If all of this happens, maybe something crazy goes down, Sam keeps her power, and Steve leaves.

For now, we think that there may be a 10% or so chance that this actually happens, largely because it’s just hard to figure how Rockstar will think, in the long-term, that this is a plan really worth attempting. It’s a big risk to take for a clever move so early in the game and you don’t really know who you can trust exactly until the very first vote. It’s still something fun to ponder on … at least for now.

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