Doctor Who season 11: BBC hunting down person responsible for leaked footage

Doctor Who season 11 logoWe’ve posted in the past how the BBC is super-protective of almost anything and everything when it comes to their landmark series Doctor Who. They don’t want any information getting out of the series in advance, and we like to think that this new report is yet another reminder of this very thing.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the British network is already heading to court in order to try and identify the person responsible for leaking some season 11 footage featuring new Doctor Jodie Whittaker. This footage first caused a stir on the internet last week, though much of it was quickly removed. After all, it is not only copyright of the BBC, but by all abject accounts it was likely snatched up by someone through rather-untoward means.

We imagine that whoever is responsible for getting the footage is going to be in a little bit of trouble moving forward … and that is just putting it mildly.

What is a little bit unique about the BBC, at least in comparison to many other networks that are out there, is that the fans are often just as upset over the leaks as the people working on the show behind the scenes. There is a real understanding that imagination is one of the key components of Doctor Who and getting footage in a way that is either early or unapproved is the sort of thing that is going to result in some significant backlash. The British network is really going to do whatever they can to punish those responsible, and many fans will do the same. They almost serve as watchdogs in their own right.

Hopefully, there is some sort of formal Doctor Who season 11 trailer coming up in the future, largely because it would be rather-nice to discuss some of what is coming up for the series in an official capacity sooner rather than later.

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