Instinct finale review: Is Dylan getting fired?

Instinct finaleTonight’s Instinct finale was an hour stuffed full of various highs and lows, and when it comes to the relationship between Dylan and Andy, it was clear from the start that the two of them had some major issues that they would have to deal with. We’re speaking, specifically, about the future of their family after some of what transpired in the first quarter of the episode.

The two were paid a visit by a representative of an adoption agency, one that clearly had an issue with the two of them being a gay couple. Dylan lashed out at her, and that pretty much risked whatever chance that they had at adoption.

Yet, that wasn’t the only problem that Dylan had in this episode, as the episode also featured someone breaking into his home to try to bug his office. Dylan and Lizzie found themselves at the center of a dangerous murder case that involved two dead bodies in Kristy and Chad. The deeper the investigation got, the more trouble that the characters found themselves in. Lizzie was also targeted while also on the street with Julian, and someone wanted her dead so much that they were willing to plant a bomb in order to do it.

In the midst of all of the danger that we saw for some of these characters, though, there were also chances to get more of a sense as to who some of the responsible parties were — led by one very powerful man in Tucker Brophy who was just desperate to clean up his past by any means necessary. This was, in way, a chance to better secure the future. Not only was Brophy arrested, but he was taken in while the rest of his employees watched. In turn, Dylan got vengeance on someone who verbally abused him a little bit earlier on in the episode.

The aftermath of the case

Lizzie did her best to comfort Dylan after Brophy made it seem as though he was incapable of being a father. Dylan was nervous, and this was a conversation that he needed to have with his husband. We didn’t see much of this conversation, but we have to imagine that it is coming.

Meanwhile, Dylan took the fall for some of the mistakes that were made in the case when it comes to protocol — he made sure that Lizzie’s job wouldn’t be in danger because of any way in which she used Julian during the case. Now, Dylan’s job is in danger instead.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, we would consider the Instinct finale to be one of the most chilling we’ve seen all season. Yet, it did have some more pleasant moments at the very end as Dylan and Lizzie celebrated their achievements over the course of the season. There is no real cliffhanger; instead, we’re just left waiting until until next year to see what comes next.

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