Poldark season 4 episode 4 review: Dwight and Caroline’s tragedy

PoldarkIt’s rare that we are concerned for a character more than Ross or Demelza entering Poldark season 4 episode 4, but we did feel that way when it came to Dwight and Caroline. (Warning: SPOILERS ahead from tonight’s episode.) Something was clearly wrong with their baby Sarah — Dwight had sensed it, but had not exactly clued in his wife at the same time to everything that was going on. It wasn’t that he was trying to keep her in the dark; instead, it felt more like he was just trying his best in order to properly figure it out.

Unfortunately, he did and confided with Ross that Sarah had a heart condition that would lead to her death at some point — whether it be now or a year from now. He also couldn’t figure out the right way in which to confess this to Caroline. He didn’t have the heart to do it, at least for a time. Eventually, though, he realized that the only thing he could do was confess to the truth about her condition, as terrible as it was.

So what is Caroline doing as a result of learning the truth? Largely, pushing everyone away. She determined that there was a certain attitude that she wanted to have in regards to what was happening and she stuck to it … even if it did come at the expense of herself and others. The baby grew sicker over the course of the hour and by the end of it, she unfortunately died and everyone was left to their grief and their pain. That scene of Ross and Dwight sobbing all over each other has to be one of the most soul-crushing things that Poldark has delivered. There are few things worse than losing a child, especially one who had only recently entered the world.

In the aftermath of Sarah’s death, Caroline made a difficult decision of her own: She wanted to leave. She didn’t feel like she was ever suited to be a mother and now, she wanted to be able to figure out how to handle the loss. She didn’t want to depart Dwight forever but, for the time being, she had an interest in turning the page.

Struggles elsewhere

All of this was painful, but it was far from the only painful storyline that we had a chance to see this week. After all, elsewhere we saw unfold a wicked plot from Ossie to try to put Morwenna away in an institution, mostly because he hated how she wouldn’t perform her “conjugal duties” (ew) in the way that he pleased. He also liked his arrangement with Rowella at least on some diabolical level. At least Morwenna was spared the institution thanks to Dwight, who showed up amidst his own personal tragedy to make it clear that she did not have the symptoms of someone who could be put away.

While all of this was going on, Drake was starting to consider courting Rosina as something serious. He didn’t want to for a long time but with Morwenna’s circumstances starting to change, it started to feel like more of an option for him.

Flood in the mines

This is rather self-explanatory, as the mines proved yet again to be the most horrible place in Poldark where terrible stuff constantly happens. This time around, Ross and Sam’s lives were on the line. Dwight (who apparently has mastered the art of teleportation) was able to show up and help. In the end, though, everyone emerged in one piece.

After all of this, still Ross was ready to pour what he could into the mines, knowing that it was a resource for the community and valuable in this sort of way. He and Demelza are in a better place now than they were, which is a good thing since George continues to do whatever he can to ensure that he gets what he wants — including a seat at the table. He’s preparing to head back to London soon to restart his political career. Meanwhile, Ross is heading off to the city himself to continue some of his duties.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, Poldark season 4 episode 4 was a painful episode to get through. We do think that’s what made the scene back at Ross’ home with everyone enjoying one another’s company so important — it was a reminder of the family that existed and persisted through it all.

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