Blue Bloods season 9 spotlight: What’s next for Eddie Janko?

Blue Bloods season 9

In today’s edition of our Blue Bloods season 9 spotlight series, we’re putting the focus on another important character in Eddie Janko. As a matter of fact, she may be entering her most important season of the show to date.

Obviously, the relationship side of this is clear given that Eddie and Jamie are now engaged! This, of course, introduces a whole new array of stories that the show has not taken on to date. She and Jamie are still going to work together on the force, but beyond that they have higher stakes since the two of them are now also planning a wedding and preparing for the future. These two phases of their lives are going to intersect and we personally want to see them intersect. If that doesn’t happen, the show just won’t feel like it’s living up to its full potential.

While we do want to see some more relationship moments for Eddie and Jamie, including the two planning their wedding, we also want to see Eddie continuing to try and move forward in her career. Last season, for example, we saw Jamie helping her with the Sergeant’s exam. That’s something that it would be great to see explored further in season 9. What if she ends up getting that promotion and, beyond that, ends up being Jamie’s boss on some level? As if things weren’t complicated enough before, this could be the icing on top of the proverbial cake here.

There’s one other obstacle that Eddie and Jamie may have to overcome here in Frank, who seems very much concerned with the idea of an engaged couple working together. Eddie may need to take some personal time with him, where in turn she does a little bit of convincing and reassuring. We haven’t had too many scenes with Vanessa Ray and Tom Selleck together, so getting more of these would be a treat. It actually feels all the more essential given the fact that Frank is a future father-in-law for the character.

Aside from Jamie…

On an independent level, we want to know more about Eddie’s early time on the force, her family life, and how much her past influences her present. We already have seen some stories play out regarding Eddie’s past; more of these allow for more great performances from Ray, and further add to the brilliant tableau that is this series.

Also, what would it look like if Eddie went undercover on a case without Jamie, and had to rely on her own skills to save the day? Just an interesting thought…

What do you want to see when it comes to Eddie Janko on Blue Bloods season 9? Be sure to share right now in the comments!

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