Ransom season 2 finale: Did Eric sell a part of his soul?

Ransom new tonightThe Ransom season 2 finale aired on CBS and Global on Saturday night, and over the course of this installment, it’s fair to say that we had many questions about how the latest operation would shake out — including if there was going to be some sort of epic cliffhanger at the end of it.

What was so interesting about this particular finale came simply via the premise, given that we were seeing whether or not Eric and his team could successfully execute a kidnapping of a popular Chinese actress — it was a dangerous, illegal act that was also meant to be life-saving. That’s not the combination of variables that you see all that often. This was just one piece of the overall puzzle, though, one that led to a heated confrontation with Damian near the end of the episode. Damian was the Ransom version of a mustache-twirling villain with a grand scheme, one that he had to foil by the end of the episode. Luckily, with a little bit of help Eric did pull this off. There aren’t too many opportunities where he can genuinely celebrate, but this does feel like one — though we didn’t see the ending of this story coming. Basically, Damian found himself on (potentially) on the receiving end of being pulled apart by wolves. Let’s just say that this surprised Delaine very much.

In the aftermath of stopping Damian once and for all, Eric did have a chance to reunite with the rest of his team and with that, the actress was okay. Eric got a chance to leave the scene with his daughter, who told him that he was a “good man” … but was he? The idea of Eric selling a part of his soul at the expense of Damian is what we’re really left with to close out this season. Instead of a proper cliffhanger, it’s more of just a moral decision.

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