Chicago PD season 6 spotlight: What should be next for Hailey Upton?

Chicago PD season 5 episode 6What should be coming up for Hailey Upton over the course of Chicago PD season 6? In this new edition of our ongoing character spotlight series, we try to figure that out!

For starters, we should refresh where we are right now with her character. Everything was resolved for her in terms of a former undercover alter ego, and with the help of Halstead and many others in Intelligence, she has a chance to find some peace after going through a violent, traumatic situation.

By the time we make it to the premiere episode, the easy assumption to make is that we will be on the other side of a time jump. That means that we could see Hailey in a very different place, and with that, we can start fresh with some of our expectations for her this coming season.

1. Where does she fit in now with Intelligence? – By the time the sixth season premieres, Hailey will no longer be a newbie within the group; as a matter of fact, there could be a different new character who appears following the death of Olinsky. We want to see what her bond is now with everyone on the team and if she has found a consistent groove. With Olinsky gone it’s also possible that there are changes within some of the various partnerships on the show.

2. Showcase something more for Hailey romantically – It’s been more than a year since Upton first appeared on the show and with that, we don’t necessarily feel like we’re rushing her into anything. As long as there is an organic relationship to be had here, it’s something that is worth exploring. We know that we’re personally within the Upton / Atwater a.k.a. Upwater camp, but we are fine with some other possibilities so long as the chemistry is right and the story is new and refreshing.

3. More of Hailey own background, including her life before she became a cop – We do still have a lot of history to uncover with this character, and that is one of the interesting things that comes out of so much of season 5 being focused on Voight v. Woods. There are still many other plot threads and stories to explore for other characters.

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