Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Current alliances, App Store power debate (day 11)

Faysal ShafaatFor our first Big Brother 20 live feed update in day 11, we want to spend a little bit of time resetting the state of things and figure out just where things can go in the game from here.

For starters, remember that Faysal one the Power of Veto last week, and based on all early conversations, he doesn’t seem inclined to use it. This means that either Steve or Sam, in theory, will be leaving the game this week. Of course, that’s complicated by the fact that Sam has the BB App Store power. She confirmed that to Tyler yesterday, and what we know at the moment is that she can, for a predetermined period of time, use it to either save herself or someone else who gets evicted. She’s implied that she doesn’t want to use it this week, so that means it come be useful down the line for her if she needs it.

What we do still wonder is this: Is this going to be like the Halting Hex in that she can halt an eviction and keep it from happening? If that does happen this week, it’d be rather insane to be going into day 20 or so of the game and still have all 16 people in the game. These people would probably be blowing a gasket by then!

On a side note, we really like the relationship between Tyler and Sam. In general, Tyler’s the person who we’ve liked way more than we thought we would — he hasn’t been perfect, but it seems like his head is in the game and he’s tried to use his Head of Household to get as many allies as possible. He’s also likable enough that he’ll be able to descend into the background for a while after this.

The current alliances

We’d basically describe it as such: There is a powerful group of five (Swaggy C, Faysal, Haleigh, Rockstar, and Kaitlyn) and then another powerful group of six (Tyler, Winston, Brett, Kaycee, Rachel, and Angela). From there, things get a little messier. JC is closer to Tyler’s side than the other, but nobody seems super-loyal to him. Meanwhile, Tyler is also close to Sam despite her being on the block. Meanwhile, on the other side Steve and Scottie (who are a pair at the moment) are closer to Swaggy C’s group, and Swaggy is in a showmance with Bayleigh. Basically, Swaggy C has that five-person alliance plus Bayleigh, Steve, and Scottie. There are seven voting members on his side in comparison to only six on the other side. That’s why, at least for now, Sam would be in trouble were it not for the power.

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