Why America’s Got Talent has become so international — and why that’s good

America's Got TalentWe’ve heard many different critiques of America’s Got Talent over the past few years, but one of the biggest ones is simply the amount of international acts on the show these days. We’re seeing talent come in from all over the world and it is not exactly limited to one particular type of talent. We’ve seen singers, dancers, magic acts, and a whole lot more from various parts of the globe. The series and the judges have always welcomed — though the fans haven’t always felt the same. Yet, we have also seen winners from other countries before, and we certainly could again.

So why court so much international talent rather than just limited AGT to America only? First and foremost, we think it elevates the competition to another level. Regardless of whether you have American acts are people from other countries, you want there to be as much heated competition as possible. It makes everyone try harder to get the title. If you didn’t have this international talent pool, the reality here is just that you wouldn’t have as many acts that were anywhere near as good.

This is especially true when you think in terms of the variety acts. How many jugglers are you familiar with, or how many acrobats or freakshow acts? For some of the circus acts in particular, there is more of a cultural tradition of greatness in other countries than the United States. If you were to limit participation to US acts only, we’d likely lose some of the most interesting acts on the entire series. That’s a shame — it would keep the series from being as compelling, but beyond that, you lose some of the aspirational quality.

We almost like to compare getting jugglers, daredevils, and circus acts on the show to soccer — if you want people to participate, you have to expose it to an American audience. There could be someone out there who sees a fantastic trapeze act or a technology-based dance troupe and decides that this is what they want to do with their life. You’re inspiring future generations of performers in America and there’s value in that. You’re keeping traditions alive, in addition to adding to what is the most diverse, most entertaining reality competition show on television.

Let’s continue to welcome these international acts — entertainment is a global community. It has no borders and limitations and it should be kept that way.

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