America’s Got Talent review: Audition show #5 highlights!

America's Got Talent

Welcome to our live review of America’s Got Talent audition show #5! If you’ve been reading CarterMatt the past few weeks (or years), you know the drill! We’re going to update this particular review with more thoughts on some of the acts the moment that they come out on stage for the audition.

Be sure to come back live with more thoughts! Let’s dive right in…

Troy James – This was a really good opening, largely because we don’t see many contortionists, let alone ones that are super-creepy! We’ve got some more thoughts in the video below.

Vivien Vajda – Let’s think about this for a moment — how can she not get a golden buzzer? Really? This has to be the best jump-rope act we’ve ever seen. There were insane skills in this act and we have to imagine that this took hours upon hours in order to perfect. It was brilliant! So intense and surprisingly dramatic.

Joseph O’Brien – He’s goofy, a little bit awkward, has zero luck with the ladies, but is a really great singer! This was a good rendition of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello,” but beyond that what we really loved about this is that it really felt raw and completely organic. Joseph’s not some guy with a ton of pre-show fame — he seems refreshingly normal.

French Accent – This was ridiculous. You had a guy from Wyoming dressed like a pirate playing the accordion and pretending to be French while saying a bunch of bad puns. Basically, this act was probably made for us as a viewer — you would not see this on any other show!

Glennis Grace – She’s a singer who has been looking to do something like this for the better part of her life. She’s got a big voice and there’s no questioning her talent. We do want to see what she would sound like doing something a little more up-tempo where she can move around the stage, but this was definitely a memorable performance.

Kenny Thomas – Basically, there are few things more entertaining on this show than seeing one of the judges terrified because of some stunt happening around him — yet, of course, the person always in the most danger seems to be Howie Mandel. That was true yet again here.

Rob Lake – We do think that it took a long time to get to the payoff to the trick — but, in general, we did enjoy it and think that this is a magician who pushes himself and tries his best to be memorable and creative down the line.

Brian King Joseph – There is no question that Brian’s audition was lifted in part by his story as a guy who is battling an ailment that could cause him to eventually lose the ability to play the violin. Yet, beyond that this was just a beautiful performance by a guy who showed just how a performance with this instrument can be entertaining in 2018.

Andy Huggins – This is a comedian who’s been working hard in life for many decades, and this was a chance to come out and showcase just a slice of what he can do. The material was good and, as it turns out, Howie Mandel remembers him from many decades beforehand.

Brody Ray – Read more about the final act of the night here, but know this: He’s a brilliant performer.

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