Hawaii Five-0 season 9 spotlight: What should be next for Lou Grover?

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 13It’s Friday, and with that it means one thing: Time for another Hawaii Five-0 season 9 spotlight! We’ve already profiled Steve and Danny; today, we’re moving things over and putting the focus on none other than Lou Grover.

Grover is one of our favorite characters on the CBS series and for a number of different reasons — starting of course with the man’s heart. He puts his all into what he does with the Five-0 task force, he’s extremely resourceful, and he often does whatever he can in order to get the job done. He’s always found a way to do anything that he needs to do out in the field, while also still being a protective father at home. He doesn’t always get the limelight of some of the other characters but he doesn’t need it. A lot of this feels like it is reflective of Chi McBride’s career as an actor — whether you give the guy two minutes of screen time or twenty, he’s going to deliver for you. He’s one of those guys who you knew was going to be amazing from the moment that he was cast on the show.

We chose the photo above because it’s coming from one of the most powerful episodes of this past season, as Grover recounted the story of how he planned to take his own life. It was devastating to watch and hear about, but it also does greatly inform his character and why he moved out to Hawaii in the first place. This, in part, could lead into something that we would very much want to see more moving into season 9: Him helping other people who are struggling with their own mental health problems. While Steve and Danny may have their post-Five-0 future figured out (potentially) with the restaurant, we do think that Grover’s own future could come with him serving as a counselor. He’s been through it all and seen it all, and we’d love to see him help others more next season.

Beyond that, how about some more time between Grover and his son? We always love it when Hawaii Five-0 features both the metaphorical family solving crime and the characters’ actual families. We do think getting a good Grover family story is great a couple of times a hear. We’d love to see something where his son is actually able to help on a case, and maybe this gives us some hints as to what his son’s future could be.

We’d say that we’d love to see more of Grover’s past, and we’ll be more than happy to learn more, but at this point, we’re just as interested in his present. That’s why it would be great if this season featured more of Lou taking in the field — and also working more with Junior and Tani. We loved it when those three characters were together in season 8 and there’s obviously more that could be mined from them working on cases.

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