Big Brother 20 episode 2 review: The first Head of Household, nominations

Big Brother 20 premiereWhat happened on Big Brother 20 episode 2? Well, for starters, this was a direct follow-up to everything that happened in the premiere. The houseguests battled to get power and, in the end, Swaggy C proved to be the winner. Meanwhile, Sam and Kaycee ended up being punished.

In the end, Swaggy ended up naming eight people safe while many others remained in jeopardy — including both Angela and also Bayleigh. The problem for Angela is that Swaggy overheard her talking with some of the other people in the house, including JC and Kaitlyn, about how he screwed his game over. The funny thing, though, is that later, she basically admitted it to him. She may have accidentally saved herself and some other allies.

Speaking of allies, it felt like Swaggy quickly found himself a new pal in Haleigh, who “vibed” with him during some of Kaitlyn’s meditations. We quickly saw the formation of a good group in “the five” — Kaitlyn plus also Rockstar, Haleigh, Swaggy, and Faysal.

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The new Head of Household Competition

The first HoH this season was really all about figuring out various ways to race and delete some of your other houseguests as soon as possible. The eight people who weren’t safe ended up being the eight people who were in jeopardy.

Basically, this competition stunk because it really encouraged a gang mentality. Winston and Angela, for example, teamed up and targeted Sam. Meanwhile, Tyler and Bayleigh ended up targeting Steve. Does anything good happen to Sam this season? The most interesting part of this challenge was eventually seeing Tyler turn on Bayleigh, much to her chagrin, before he really had to. He won the competition, but at what cost?

After the competition, Tyler was able to detect that Bayleigh was upset, and there was also Kaitlyn targeting Angela because of her status as a physical threat. Winston did come to him and propose an alliance of Brett, Angela, Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee, and that could be smart for at least the short-term. Yet, we hate any idea of nominations that involves Sam going up on the block … even if Steve would probably go home over her. One of the funniest scenes of the entire episode was seeing a teary-eyed Tyler comforting Sam in robot form.

Tyler found himself in an interesting spot given that everyone came at him with various thoughts and theories and he had to figure out what he wanted to do — make a big move right away, or play it safe since it is week 1. Sam and Steve were the nominations that wouldn’t really upset most of the house, and it would make sense for him to go that route.

Ultimately, he did in nominating Sam and Steve. We’re sad — incredibly sad. Probably more sad than we really should be about week 1 nominations. Can Sam win an advantage, or some sort of additional power?

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