Lucifer season 4 spotlight: What’s next for Lucifer Morningstar?

Lucifer season 3 episode 17What’s coming for Lucifer Morningstar on Lucifer season 4? Today, we’re kicking off our CarterMatt character spotlight series with this particular focus! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting some other characters on the newly-minted Netflix series, but it does make a great deal of sense to start with Lucifer given the character’s popularity and the richness of his story coming up.

So what do we want to see? There are a few different angles that are worth look at.

1. His future with Chloe – This is obviously the biggest thread left dangling out there at the conclusion of season 3. She knows the truth about virtually everything and as you would imagine, she probably has a few opinions about much of it. One of the goals for the upcoming season should be figuring out how Lucifer manages to convince her that all is okay and he is still the same person — there’s a lot of fun to be had here, but on a serious note, he needs to also build trust with her. While he may have told her he was the devil prior to the big reveal, he really should have realized that seeing is believing.

Of course, eventually it would be nice to see things move more in a permanently-romantic direction just so we can see what an actual Lucifer/Chloe relationship looks like.

2. The reparation of things with Maze – There were times last season where she was interested in going rogue for the sake of getting back to Hell, even if that meant teaming up with Cain. These two need to have some heart-to-heart discussions, even if that’s not something that either one of them is necessarily good at. We almost want to see some scenes of them talking things out with Linda just for the same of comedy.

3. A new challenge – We’re not just talking about the individual cases of the week. Whether it is a presence of a new Heavenly being or some complicated case on Earth Lucifer can’t quite figure out, there needs to be something new to occupy Lucifer’s mind. We’d love to see someone who is an intellectual adversary who is always one step ahead. Some of Tom Ellis’ best work on the series is when Lucifer is on the edge, so of course we want to see the character pushed in that direction.

4. More music – Hey, it wouldn’t be Lucifer without a few songs here and there. Give us a comedic one or two, but then also something sweet or serious.

5. Lucifer’s long-term goals – This is a character who often does love to think and live in the moment, but what does his world look like in four or five years? That’s something that the series really can explore now that we’ve gotten to know Lucifer and his life is a little bit more stable.

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