Big Brother 20: More discussion on BB App Store twist

Big brother 20What is the BB App Store twist when it comes to Big Brother 20? This is the latest big twist that is coming up this season and while it may seem totally new, there are some similarities between it and some other twists we’ve seen — mostly notable the Den of Temptation. It’s a chance to potentially reward certain houseguests and punish others, and it is all dependent on the number of “clicks” that they apparently receive through a questionnaire.

Speaking about this further in a new interview with Global News (the series airs on Global tomorrow night in Canada), show host Julie Chen had the following to say when it comes to how this twist will work:

We are also calling this season very interactive. We have something called the BB app store this year. It’s kind of like the Den of Temptations from last year. Basically, fans go to and answers questions about the houseguests like ‘Who’s the most annoying?’ ‘Who’s this and who’s that?’ and whoever gets the most clicks gets to go into the virtual app store and gets some sort of power or perk in the house. And the person with the least amount of clicks will get something bad, some sort of punishment.

There is still one question that we have about the twist, and it’s this: Does the “most clicks” necessarily mean the most popular? Remember that being “trending” is not necessarily a good thing all of the time. It almost feels like this twist, if it operates in that sense, is going to reward the most polarizing houseguests who stir up controversy — if that’s the case, it could cause more controversy / anger and we are totally here for whatever the internet does to react to some of that. That being said we all remember back to season 1 where America voted on who was evicted and everyone voted out all the pot stirrers as fast as they could leaving us with a lot of really nice people that made for a quieter television watching experience.

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