Should Supergirl season 4 explore idea of Kara love interest or no?

Supergirl season 3 episode 13Mrs. Carter: For today’s Supergirl article, I may be diving into some polarizing waters in taking on a topic that has long been up for heated debate in the fandom: The idea of a Kara love interest.

There is a good case to be made for giving Kara someone new in season 4: She’s the lead of the show and we are fully invested in seeing her happy in every aspect of her life. Since we spend the majority of our time following her life story, it of course makes sense to what some sort of update when it comes to every aspect of her life — I’ve been frustrated by the lack of time spent on reporter Kara as of late, and I’m sure there would be many angry next year if there wasn’t much time spent on her love life at all.

Going into season 3, there was talk that much of Kara’s romantic life being put on hold after the heartbreak she suffered with Mon-El’s exit. In some ways, that was true — yet, there were certainly still moments near the end of the season that suggested that Karamel could be happening again. That didn’t turn out to be the case though, as he eventually went back to the future (alongside Winn) to help take care of some matters there. Maybe that was too much romance for some who wanted a full year without the will-they-or-won’t-they of it all. Or, maybe that was not enough for others! (If you’re a Karamel or Supercorp ‘shipper, there’s a good chance that you are arguing for the latter.)

Personally, I’m perfectly fine without a love interest at all for Kara in season 4 if there’s a great story told around her and other aspects of her life. That’s just an interesting story in general about being one of the most powerful people on Earth and yet having something missing in your life. There are so few people Kara can trust and, to go along with that, so few people who even know both of her two identities. Even Lena Luthor doesn’t know she’s Supergirl! Dating within these set of circumstances is not easy and in many ways, it’s a sacrifice of being superhuman. While Kara watching so many people around her move forward in relationships could be sad, it would showcase the weight of what she does and that is a powerful story to tell.

Yet, there is also an intriguing romantic possibility for her out there in new series regular Brainiac-5, mostly because there is groundwork laid between the two already and it’s a different sort of relationship than what Kara has been in so far. Brainy will understand a part of what it means to be special, but at the same time he’s not the same physical force out in the field that she is. There’s enough similarities and differences there for something interesting to exist.

Do you think there should be a Kara love interest on Supergirl season 4, or are we better off without one? Share below!

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