How Lucifer season 4 will take advantage of Netflix’s lack of limitations

Tom Ellis

CarterMatt has said for a while that one of the advantages of Lucifer being on a streaming service is that it can be a little bit more devilish. Things that it was forced to shy away from on network TV can be fully embraced now, whether it be language, gore, or other things network Standards & Practices don’t exactly love.

So how different will season 4 be because it’s on Netflix? There will be a few changes, but don’t expect the show to suddenly become an R-rated movie, either. The idea here is to keep the same tone and the style of the show, but also do a few things that they weren’t able to do over on Fox. Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Joe Henderson said the following:

“Our blood can be a little more real, our horror can be a little more horror-y … It will all stay within the language of the show, but we’re definitely going to embrace the little things like that that I think make a big difference.”

One other thing that could be different is the policy on nudity — or rather, butts, given that a notable scene in season 1 was meant to feature a nude Lucifer from the back. That was blocked over on Fox, but that’s something that could be approached differently in season 4 — if there’s even a reason in the story now to do something like this. The goal, mind you, isn’t to turn Lucifer into Game of Thrones or change the average age of the viewers watching it – small changes keep the show the same but at the same time enhance what they already have.

Basically, Netflix is all about freedom, and the Lucifer team seem to be eager to take advantage of some of that freedom while also not altering the show from what they know it to be — wickedly fun, dramatic at times, and above all imaginative.

Lucifer season 4 will likely start streaming on Netflix in 2019, but if you head over to the link here, you can read a story that is all about how the campaigning for a season 5 should start early — mostly because you don’t want to wait until the last minute to show your support for the show. Let Netflix know how dedicated you are to Lucifer early and often.

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