Should Supergirl, The Flash, other CW shows follow Supernatural with 20-episode season?

The CW logoRecently, the news was first announced that Supernatural season 14 will have just a 20-episode season coming up starting this fall. This marks the shortest season that we’ve seen to date for the CW series, save for the one that came about during the writers’ strike in 2008.

While there is no clear reason as to why Supernatural is getting a shorter season this time around, there are some reasons why it’s beneficial to some of the cast and crew — to go along with that, it could even be beneficial to the overall quality of the show. Doing over 20 episodes of any show is impossibly hard, and more often than not, things get better when you narrow them down a little bit. The general consensus, for example, is that the first season of Riverdale was a little bit better than the second one. Sometimes, you want to avoid filler episodes and present an overall package of episodes that feels a little more complete from start to finish.

This is why you do have to wonder if such a move could benefit shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, which are all shows that have a few episodes a season that are entirely predictable and accomplish very little. If you cut some of those out, you may have fewer annoying questions such as “why isn’t the Big Bad in this episode?” or “why does this feel like such a tangent from the main story?” — beyond just that, you’re also not exhausting the cast or the crew anywhere near as much as you would be otherwise doing 23 episodes a season. Everyone gets more of a break, and everyone feels more creatively refreshed. This has worked very well for Legends of Tomorrow, which has always had shorter seasons.

Also, shortening the seasons of some of these shows may give The CW an additional opportunity to program some other shows throughout their season and make the most of their schedule. With the network adding Sunday nights, they are doing already more with their schedule than ever before.

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