Instinct episode 12 review: Julian and Lizzie’s surprise moment

Instinct episode 7Tonight on Instinct episode 12, we were introduced to a particularly terrifying case that started off with a body in a movie theater. From there, it was revealed that this person’s murder was captured on video, and clearly this person was out to make a spectacle out of what happened.

So who would be willing to do this, and beyond that, why? This was what Dylan and Lizzie had to figure out over the course of this episode, and getting to the bottom of this case was not a particularly easy thing to do. They were able to follow the video back to a filmmaking class, one that featured a man named Henry who apparently had a thing for the steampunk motif.

This was a pretty difficult case, mostly because there was a whole film class full of suspects — including the professor, who apparently was having a secret affair with one of his students. Yet, often in these sorts of cases the guilty party turns out to be someone who was somewhat under-the-radar at first, and that seems to very much be the case here. The guilty party was a TA in Spencer who was upset over being ignored and mistreated, and he chose making gory, brutal films killing students as a way to ensure he got the attention he was so desperate to seek.

Given that Spencer was using technology as a means of getting what he wants, Dylan and Lizzie realized that technology was also the best way in which to stop him from killing another student at the end of the episode. They distracted him long enough to keep the student alive while Spencer was arrested. Was Spencer a little too hokey and over-the-top as a villain? Possibly, but maybe it was this disapproval that led to him having some sort of psychotic break.

Also this week…

Andy and Dylan were tasked with looking after Madison, the daughter of one of Andy’s old friends who was temporarily suspended for cyberbullying. Yet, with the help of Julian, they were able to figure out that she was actually innocent … and in the aftermath of that, Madi actually ended up helping in the case.

CarterMatt Verdict — and that moment at the end

Overall, Instinct episode 12 ended up being an important episode since it led to Andy and Dylan deciding that they still want to become parents. Also, we’re a little bit curious as to a possible Lizzie / Julian romance. There’s an interesting chemistry there between the two — it’s also an interesting idea just because Lizzie typically doesn’t like spies and secrets. The two kissed at the end of the episode, and that’s interesting just because Julian is a man of a million secrets. Who knows where this could go from here?

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