Claws season 2 episode 3 review: The story of Desna and Gregory

Claws season 2 episode 3

Tonight, Claws season 2 episode 3 was really all about acceptance and taking chances … or at least it was with some of the characters recognizing that life was not going to be normal moving forward.

Take, for example, Desna with Gregory. She recognized that their relationship was not as set up for a perfect future as she once thought, largely because of the relationship he had with his mother. As it turns out, she is an extremely controlling woman, and makes sure that she has her son cater to her every whim. She also hates PDA and, apparently, is going to be living with Gregory moving forward. She doesn’t have a whole lot else in life and he wants to take care of her.

Through all of these surprising revelations, it could’ve been easy for Desna to realize that it was too much for her to handle. Yet, she really thought about it and, in the end, she accepted that and this led to her doing something that she doesn’t do very often: Telling Gregory that she loved him. This is the sort of thing that could have game-changing ramifications for her relationship, though personally we’re still somewhat worried about the future just because things never tend to work all that well for Desna on this show.

In general, we were surprised with just how relationship-focused most of this episode was, as the priority seemed to be more on shoring those up than pushing the main story of Zlata and her empire forward — save of course for her humiliating Uncle Daddy for his show of disrespect. (Sure, Uncle Daddy humiliates himself plenty, but why not go ahead and take things to the next level?) We had within this episode Bryce and Jenn facing some hard truths when it comes to their future as a couple — there are glimmers of hope every now and then that they may find their way through this crisis, but it’s kinda hard when you consider what happened with Bryce and Jenn’s mother. We’re still traumatized by last week, just like we’re traumatized with the gory opening scene of Desna and the garbage disposal this week.

Elsewhere, Dean got permission from Desna to become a male dancer, which is apparently a part of his desire to become more of a responsible family man. It is a job, but as with all things Dean consistency is going to be the key to making something work out of it.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was as trippy, as strangely romantic, and as crazy as you would expect from many other episodes of Claws. It was very entertaining, though we do also wonder coming out of it if we’re moving a little too slowly with the Zlata story and if Desna doesn’t have enough of a business goal driving the season at the moment. Claws still has plenty of bite in spite of these things, and that keeps it as a show worth watching.

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