Shades of Blue season 3 episode 2 review: Did Woz get what he wanted?

Shades of BlueWhat happened to Harlee Santos on Shades of Blue season 3 episode 2? If there’s one thing that we would say about what she’s going through, it is that she is wrestling with some serious guilt.

While she may not have been physically responsible for killing James Nava, she still feels the pain of it. She’s desperate to get whatever information that she can about what happened and why he was killed, but unfortunately, not all of her leads amounted to much. A storage container that supposedly had answers was empty. After that, she and Cole, (two people finding themselves controlled by others) came to a bizarre understanding. He delivered to her Quince on a silver platter, and then also shot her right in front of Harlee. She then brought that body over to Wozniak, who was not altogether happy with all of this happening via terms that were not his own.

In the aftermath of Quince’s death, Woz found himself in a little bit of a tricky situation: How could he still make a power play to show his strength, and keep his own operation going? Basically, he turned Quince’s death into a spectacle, using Tess in order to “kill” Quince again so that he could get a little more leverage.

For Woz, he’s coming out of this episode feeling redeemed and as though a huge burden has been lifted from him. As for everyone else, though, the jury is still out to a certain extent.

The problem with Cristina

At school, Harlee’s daughter made it clear that she’s not going to tolerate people attacking her family. With that in mind, she made an attack of her own. Cristina put her own future at stake with a violent outburst, but one that was understandable given the circumstances. Harlee told Cristina that she needed to be more upfront with her … but she didn’t actually prove true to that. She’s still out on her own vengeance quest, feeling as though someone with a badge led to her lover being in this position. She’s on the edge of a breakdown and it’s still unclear if anyone will be able to help her.

CarterMatt Verdict

While Shades of Blue season 3 episode 2 didn’t deliver the same sort of shock factor that we saw with the premiere, this was still a solid, capable episode that set the stage perfectly for whatever is going to be coming up next. It’s given Woz more power while making Harlee feel just a little more desperate than before.

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