Elementary season 6 episode 9 sneak peek: Alfredo needs Sherlock’s help

Elementary season 6 episode 9
season 6 episode 9 is airing on CBS Monday night and at the center of this episode is a big dilemma for Sherlock. Is he going to be willing to help Alfredo break the law?

The sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below sets up what Alfredo wants Sherlock to do over the course of this episode: Break into a used car dealership. Why does he want to do that? He tries to justify it (at least at first) to Sherlock by noting that he did great work for them and was not properly reimbursed for some of his efforts. However, Sherlock reveals to Watson later that the real reason is this: Alfredo is trying to money together for his brother, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has to figure out whether or not this is something that he can help with and that’s going to be a hard thing for Sherlock to figure out.

Another problem that Sherlock seems to be facing within this particular episode is an emotional one, mostly because everything that is happening with Alfredo seems to be bringing Sherlock back to some of his own problems with Mycroft. Because Alfredo is very much aware of their history, he can certainly tap into some of that in the conversations that he has with Holmes. Does that mean that he is being emotionally manipulative? Maybe, but Alfredo is also desperate and knows that mentioning Mycroft to Holmes is also the sort of thing that is going to strike a chord with him. It definitely got his attention in this preview and we’ll have to see how this all shakes out when this episode airs.

For everyone who loves Ato Essandoh there is going to be a lot to like about this episode!

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