Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown season 12 plans remain unclear

Anthony BourdainFollowing tonight’s final episode set in Bhutan, what will come in terms of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown season 12? It’s a difficult question to have a concise answer to at the moment for many different reasons.

Technically, there is some footage that is out there for season 12 featuring the late Bourdain, who was filming in France at the time of his death. However, CNN has not confirmed how many episodes were filmed before this or if they have any plans to use any of this footage for a future season. Bourdain was very involved with just about every aspect of the show, which is why airing some of these episodes posthumously without his involvement in post-production is a little bit different than airing the ones that they have for season 11. There’s no formal announcement regarding anything just yet, but we’ll let you know if that changes.

No matter what CNN chooses to do regarding the future of Parts Unknown and the footage Bourdain shot, they may choose to continue the series with another host. Here is what one insider had to say on that subject to The Wrap recently:

“They need to helm it with somebody else … There’s a lot of opportunity there not to give up on that mission of bringing American audiences people and food and customs with which they’re not familiar with and that mission is important. People need this show.”

Herein lies the challenge when it comes to the future of the series — everything that the insider says is correct. This is a show that America does need on some measure, especially now that we’re in an era in which xenophobia is so rampant. It shows a different side and the basic, human elements that bind so many of us together. However, Parts Unknown is almost synonymous with Anthony Bourdain. It’s hard to imagine anyone figuring out a way in which to deliver this show without him as the guide. It almost feels like you have to wait a few years before you even attempt it, especially since it is essential that you find the perfect person in order to do it. What made Bourdain great is that he had already experienced a lot before ever starting the show, which meant that both he and the guests he encountered on his travels had a certain element of world-weariness to them.

We will let you know as soon as more information on the future of Parts Unknown becomes clear. For now, we suggest that you dive into the episode tonight thinking as though it could be the final one for the series. We miss Bourdain dearly, and our thoughts continue to go out to everyone who loved him. (Photo: CNN.)

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