Blue Bloods season 9: Should there be a new character?

Blue Bloods season 8Could Blue Bloods season 9 introduce a new character into the mix? Is it time for a shake-up when it comes to the main cast?

Let’s start things off here by saying this: In advocating for someone new to enter the mix, CarterMatt is not suggesting that anyone else should leave. We love the whole ensemble and don’t want to see anyone depart!

Yet, it’s not easy to forget about the fact that there is technically a hole in the cast given that Amy Carlson left at the start of season 8. The series decided not to fill that void immediately, and that may be because either A) they wanted to save money or B) they are saving that spot for a future Danny love interest down the road. We have some reasons why the show could explore that coming up.

Is there room for a new character within the show’s established architecture? You could make a case that for Erin especially, there’s room for someone to come in and be a foil for her and Anthony, causing them problems but also challenging them more than before. Or, you could bring in someone who could be a superior to Danny and a character he repeatedly clashes with. You could make either one of these characters a fractional series regular, where they appear in somewhere around 13-15 episodes of the season. It’s good to have characters you see on a consistent basis shaking things up when it comes to relationships (platonic or otherwise).

Another option that Blue Bloods could certainly look at is simply giving more time to some of the characters we already have — we’d love to see an episode or two themed around Anthony or Baker, characters we’ve come to know and love over the years who have mostly had smaller roles in key storylines.

Would you rather Blue Bloods season 9 bring in some new characters, or further flesh out some of the ones we already have? Share below!

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