Lucifer season 4 big bad debate: What should the series do?

LuciferWho should be the Lucifer season 4 big bad? It’s an interesting question to ponder right now, mostly because of the fact that entering this new season the story is largely a blank slate when it comes to bad guys.

Going into season 3, there was still some sort of mystery — one that eventually led to the Sinnerman and of course Cain a.k.a. Marcus Pierce. Entering season 4, however, the cliffhanger is tied more towards Lucifer and Chloe Decker. While it’s abundantly clear that they have many different issues to address, we don’t exactly think that Chloe is going to turn around and be the villain of the season. Instead, there’s potentially going to be a new threat that enters the fray, whether it be a supernatural entity or someone else on Earth.

What makes a good Lucifer villain? Above all else, it needs to be someone who is very intelligent and intimidating to Lucifer in a way few other people are. To date, there haven’t been many characters who have put a certain amount of fear into his heart — finding a way to bring him to a dark place should be a priority moving forward. After all, Tom Ellis has said personally that he enjoys it when the series gets dark and now that it’s on Netflix the series can go as dark as it wants to. Beyond just this, we want to see a character who is charismatic and influential in their own way. They could be able to inspire others to do their bidding in addition to doing so themselves. They also don’t have to be purely evil. They could just be someone with very difficult goals than Lucifer, or someone who just finds out about his true self and decides that he shouldn’t be in Los Angeles.

Of course, you can also ask one other question: Does Lucifer season 4 even need a Big Bad? You could make the argument that if there are ten really excellent cases over the course of season 4, you could spend the rest of the time navigating some of the relationships that are already there. You never want to feel like your show is adhering to a strict a formula, and with that we don’t think that any one thing is necessary to produce a great season other than memorable characters and great writing.

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