Should The Terror season 2 bring back Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies?

The TerrorEarlier this week, The Terror was renewed for a second seas over at AMC, and with that, the network also revealed some of the subject matter: A Japanese-American internment camp during the time of World War II. What happened to these people is absolutely horrifying, and you don’t need to bring in any further monster to know that. We know that many already have drawn echoes between this subject matter and the present.

While we do know the subject matter now for the upcoming batch of episodes, there are still many questions remaining when it comes to one other subject: The cast. Who is going to be appearing in this season?

One of the things that has been established when it comes to The Terror right now is that each season is its own thing and with that, there shouldn’t be any need to connect the first season to the second. There are even different producers working on season 2, which also separates this show from other anthologies such as American Horror Story or even Black Mirror.

Now that we’ve spelled all of that out, though, we do have some other questions when it comes to the possible cast: Could we end up seeing Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, or someone from season 1 again? We do think that this is a case where they should be at the very least considered for roles, given that they were both so excellent in the first season and this would establish some sort of through-line from the end of this past season to the start of the new one. With that being said, however, you do need to make sure that there are roles that are available for them. The subject matter for this season is clearly going to dictate a different cast and that should be emphasized first.

One other issue may just be finding a way to book these actors that works for the timeline of production and the schedule overall. Menzies, for example, is set to be one of the leads on The Crown season 3. While we could foresee him being available for a couple of episodes, it’s hard to imagine him having time to do ten episodes of this and then also play Prince Philip on the Netflix series.

What do you think: Should The Terror season 2 bring back Jared Harris or Tobias Menzies in some sort of role? Share in the comments.

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