The Originals season 5 will offer up Klaroline closure

KlarolineMrs. Carter: For anyone out there who has some big questions on the status of Klaus and Caroline moving into The Originals season 5, rest assured that there are answers coming.

Will these two get together? I understand the desire for answers to that question, but one of the things that the series is showing right now is that coming up with answers to this is not necessarily the priority. There are some other orders of business that they want to take on and deal with, and that of course includes Hope’s dark magic and seeing whether or not Elijah can earn redemption. Part of these stories is important for the sake of closure to this series; in some ways, the Hope storyline also does lead into Legacies, the spin-off that will premiere on The CW in late October. Whether or not Klaus and Caroline are around for even part of this is something that will likely be teased in due time.

As for Klaroline specifically, consulting producer Jeffrey Lieber had the following to say on the couple’s status via TV Guide:

“Throughout the rest of the season, [Caroline] is there to try and make peace with their relationship … The season finale is really fantastic and closes a lot of things up in a way that allows you to have some sense of closure … we’re going to continue down the road we have with her this season, which is to allow her to be part of the ongoing plots and the ongoing troubles that Klaus is in, but also to continue to try to come to some level of peace with where they’ve been and where they’re going.”

One of the things that I’ve really appreciated about the journey this season is the sense of maturity that comes along with it — while it feels somewhat crazy to use that word with two people who are technically immortal at this point, there is this sense that Klaus and Caroline understand each other better. There’s less of a recklessness or a feeling on Klaus’ part that he needs to pursue Caroline right away. This, in turn, may actually be making him more appealing to her, since it is offering up a measure of change and perspective that she did not see on The Vampire Diaries.

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