Bull season 3: Would a season-long adversary make for a great idea?

Bull season 2 episode 7Should Bull season 3 consider bringing in some sort of season-long adversary for Dr. Bull to face off with?

On paper, we know that there are few things that we enjoy with series anywhere near as much as villains. There’s just something fantastic that comes from the opportunity to see intellectual challenges for Dr. Bull and this show provides the opportunity for so many great ones. Whether it be a long-term case or just someone he repeatedly faces off with in the courtroom. We’ve already seen the latter a few times on the show already, especially when it comes to his on-again, off-again flame of Diana Lindsay.

For the sake of this article, we want to think in terms of a new character, one who can be around at the start of season 3 and still be there by the end of the season. Maybe they are someone who makes a few appearances along the way in the process.

Who could this be? One interesting idea would be for Bull to bring in someone who counters his every move, and while they don’t have to be a trial scientist, they can understand what he is doing and constantly come up with ways in which to counteract him. It would be rather interesting to see someone come in and defeat Bull right away in season 3, only for him to spend most of the season trying to eventually get at the point where he can take them down. There’s also an interesting conflict that could come out of this, given that Bull’s determination to take this character down could jeopardize whatever new life he is starting following his heart attack.

If you don’t want to focus on a season-long arc, we’d also be somewhat interested in a case that lasts five or six episodes — the show doesn’t have to become super-serialized, but this could be something Bull works on for many weeks concurrently with other cases. Maybe he’s invested because of the opposing attorney on the case, or maybe it’s a case where the person he’s trying to defeat is someone absolutely despicable.  We’re always going to go back to Dr. Donovan Benanti as a great example of that from “Grey Areas,” mostly because he was such a despicable person and what made that case so interesting was that Bull was, at first, hired to represent him.

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