NCIS season 16: The case for and against a Gibbs romance

NCIs season 15 finaleMrs. Carter: How much stock should we really put into a Leroy Jethro Gibbs romance moving into NCIS season 16?

In the recent CarterMatt character spotlight for Gibbs earlier this month, it was stated that a romantic storyline for the character could be appealing — yet, it’s a complicated issue since it depends on so many different variables. For one, you have to have the right character for Gibbs to be involved with since he’s extremely stubborn and not seemingly all that interested in a romantic partner. Beyond just that, it also has to be timed out just right. You don’t want to throw him into the relationship for the sake of doing so, and it has to feel like an organic build, something that Gibbs can get accustomed to before making a leap.

This is really why the idea of a Gibbs – Jack Sloane romance is so appealing to many different people out there. This is an opportunity to pair him up with a character who is a series regular on the show, someone who is on his level and someone who seems to be at least intrigued by him.

The case for a romance – I like the idea of NCIS considering something romantically that they have not quite done in a while and this does fit that bill. It’s a chance to send Gibbs down a different path in his life and this is the time in which he should be starting to think about that. Abby is gone, and he needs to find other characters to be close to. Sloane could be the perfect person for him since she will challenge him and force him to be open about his feelings in a way few others would.

Also, it would just be fun to see Gibbs in some situations where he can’t just override because of a case that he and the team need to work on.

The case against it – NCIS is technically not a romance, and it’s never been something that the writers really prioritize. Even when there are popular ‘ships on the show like Tony and Ziva or, in the earlier seasons, McGee and Abby, they aren’t emphasized in most of the episode. You don’t want to run the risk of the series turning into something that it’s not and you have to be careful with that. Also, you have to be cognizant of what your fans really want and be able to respond to that. For example, if you start a romantic arc and realize that the fans don’t like it, you need to be able to pivot quickly enough so that there’s not any sort of long-term resentment towards the idea.

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