How does The Flash season 5 follow Nora West-Allen cliffhanger?

Nora West-AllenMoving into The Flash season 5, it feels pretty obvious what needs to be done — after all, the series needs to find a way (if at all possible) to take on the big cliffhanger from the conclusion of season 4. We now know that the Mystery Girl is Nora West-Allen, and for the time being, we’re rather inclined to believe her.

Now, the major question that we have to wonder is this: How is she going to be tied into the story? With Jessica Parker Kennedy around as a series regular, this is not going to be some fly-by-night story that is around for a few weeks before falling into the background. Whatever Nora needs from Barry and Iris, this is going to be something that is very much important for a rather long time to come. This leads back to why she arrived to past Central City in the first place: To request help with something, a mistake that she made.

What sort of mistake is it? If we had to guess, it could end up being tied to whoever the Big Bad is for the season. Maybe Nora learns the hard way, much like Barry did with Flashpoint, that going through time has consequences. Specifically, maybe she created a future timeline in which a villain surfaced who was not there previously. This has echoes of Barry and Savitar, but at the same time we feel like there’s potential for it to be very different depending on who the villain is. Another option is that she realizes that she created someone who becomes a villain down the road, and she is back in Barry’s timeline to put a stop to it before it starts.

The one thing that feels reasonably clear is this: If this was a minor problem, we cannot imagine her risking messing with time to such a degree in order to fix it. (Yet, if this was a major problem, why didn’t she come to her parents sooner? We’re excited to see what happens next with Nora, but there are admittedly some rather big holes in this story that need to be filled.)

At some point over the summer, the Big Bad for the season will probably be revealed and hopefully, that will also offer up some more teases regarding whatever connection they have to Nora — provided, of course, that they have one. We feel like Nora will share the specific mistake that she made during the premiere and after that, all bets are off.

How do you think The Flash is going to settle the Nora cliffhanger moving into season 5, and do you think that she is tied to the Big Bad? Share now in the comments!

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