Big Brother 20 will run for 99 days — is that a perfect length?

Big brother 20Big Brother 20 is premiering on CBS Wednesday night, and you better be prepared for a lot of it this summer.

In a new video that was released over at Entertainment Tonight, it was officially revealed that this season is going to have 99 days. This makes it one of the longest seasons that we’ve seen of the show in America, and it also means that there is probably going to be some sort of point in September where we all start to lose our minds. Why make it that long? One of the easiest reasons to do that is because CBS loves the ratings. Beyond just that, there’s also the fact that it is relatively cheap to produce in comparison to many other programs that are out there.

Now, another interesting question that goes along with this is, of course, how in the world the show is going to make that happen with just 16 houseguests. It basically means that you’re going to have to find some ways to extend the season, which means either fewer double-evictions or you find a way to bring people back into the house. One of the reasons in which Big Brother 18 was able to be as long as it had been was because you did a couple of different but-backs, which of course Victor won both of. The show could easily do something like that again, especially since Victor, through winning those challenges, became a fan favorite really to the point where he could we could see him on many different CBS shows moving forward. Why not replicate that?

Personally, we actually wouldn’t be all that upset if they got rid of some of the double-eviction format. It does manage to generate some excitement, but for us Big Brother at its purest is all about seeing someone find a way to get out of an enormous bind over the course of several days. Take, for example, what Dan Gheesling was able to do that during season 14 of the show. Do you think that he would really be able to work the same magic to save himself when he was in danger in a single hour? It would be a little more challenging for him. (We could go on and on hear about Dan’s funeral, but there was actually a whole lot more strategy that went into that beyond just the big, theatrical move.)

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