Timeless season 3: How could the series potentially unravel cliffhanger?

Timeless season 2 key artAt the moment, it’s still true that we don’t know for sure if there will be a Timeless season 3. Yet, why let that stop us looking forward as to what the series could do if it returns?

One of the best reasons, after all, to renew the show for a season 3 is that it’s coming off of what may very well be one of the strongest finales from this past spring. At the end of season 2, we saw the arrival of Future Wyatt and Future Lucy to the present, who were there with one goal and one goal only: Helping the Time Team figure out a way to go back and save Rufus. This is a significant departure from the rules of time travel laid out by the show until now. It has long been said that you can’t interact with previous versions of yourselves without their being some enormous consequences.

For Lucy and Wyatt to violate this rule in the future, you have to think that the situation is pretty dire. It just shows how valuable Rufus is to them — it is either that or they have figured out some other sort of way in which to travel in time without fear of violating the rules.

At the start of season 3, the rules of time travel can be spelled out once more, and following that, the rescue mission can truly begin. Given that much of the appeal of Timeless as a whole comes via getting a chance to see Rufus together with Lucy and Wyatt, we have a certain degree of confidence that there will be a way in which to bring the character back. Yet, what are the consequences to that? How much did Lucy and Wyatt break time by coming back to the present? How much will they tell them of what the world was like presumably without Rufus around?

Timeless has, over the course of two seasons, introduced some truly mind-melting situations. Yet, this may be one of the most complicated at all since there are effectively three different time periods at play plus also two different versions of the same characters. Also, Lucy and Wyatt would be going back to a time period that they already visited, and that in turn poses complications.

Basically, it could be clear to everyone that season 3 is set up in a rather excellent way. The writers are going to have fun with this … provided of course the show comes back. We do think there are some reasons for optimism, but in the end this is the sort of situation where NBC could just shrug their shoulders at any given moment and decide they don’t want to do this.

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