Nashville season 6 episode 11 review: Did Juliette escape?

Nashville season 6 episode 11There were many different storylines that we had a chance to see over the course of Nashville season 6 episode 11. Yet, the most emotional story came via Juliette and for a number of different reasons.

For starters, she found herself trapped within Darius’ compound after she did everything in her power to leave. She didn’t want to be there, but making that decision and leaving it are two very separate things. To make matters worse, along the way Juliette learned that she was pregnant. That made it all the more clear to her that she needed to escape this prison, if it was at all possible for her.

This meant, as the episode went along, that Juliette had to figure out a way in which to get creative. In her efforts to leave the compound, she was going to have to get a little bit more creative. It wasn’t easy, but eventually she was able to not only help out Juliette, but also another person who was trapped in Darius’ cult and unable to see her son. This was elaborate, but with a little bit of help Juliette was able to play this off!

We never quite thought that we were going to see a story on Nashville that felt like Prison Break, but this was really it. By and large, we’d consider this to be one of the most entertaining Juliette stories in a while — sure, the entire ordeal was somewhat over-the-top, but Nashville is a soap and we don’t know what else you can expect.

As for Juliette’s friend, unfortunately she was not able to escape for now; yet, a victory is still a victory.

Alannah makes her move

Despite the warnings that Jessie Caine handed her tonight about Brad being bad news, it didn’t seem to dissuade her at all from wanting to move forward with him. She recognized that he presented many opportunities for her career-wise, though doing this also basically shattered things for her old band. We saw her celebrating with Brad and the Shiny New label, and for now, that was that.

Poor Twig

First, the guy’s nickname is Twig. That’s bad enough. Also, he got completely rejected by Maddie when he went in for a kiss. He did have a point, though — he recognized that Jonah was a tool who didn’t respect her. He was just super-famous.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Nashville season 6 episode 11 proved to be a great episode of the show packed with a lot of drama. Also, there were plenty of surprises with the Juliette storyline. While we didn’t get every main character featured this week, that’s been more or less what we’ve seen for all of the series as of late.

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