Cloak & Dagger episode 4 review: Tandy’s big move

Cloak and Dagger

Perhaps Cloak & Dagger episode 4 offered up one of its strongest scenes in the final minutes, largely because of one thing: Seeing Tandy break through the chain that she was going to use to kill herself with a knife. She’s put herself into the worst possible situation and found a way to rise above it, taking away Tyrone’s doubt and potentially other insecurities that she had in the process.

Through life, and through a greater understanding of some of her powers, Tandy now may be in a position to act more so than ever before. She wants to get justice for her father and an understanding as to what caused her entire world to fall apart in the way in which it did. What makes Tandy so compelling as a person is her overall sense of purpose now, and we hope that it’s one that sticks with her. The same goes for Tyrone figure out a way to overcome some of his obstacles — which are unfortunately, in part due to something that he has no control over in his race.

The scene between Tandy and Tyrone, which played out over the course of this episode (which contained overall a number of different time jumps), is something that the writers did an exceptional job. Through this we started to get a sense as to their varying perspectives and how they, like many other characters their age, often don’t see things from a vantage point other than their own. Yet, we do hope that this is something that starts to change more as the season goes along and they realize more that neither of their lives are easy. Tyrone having a stable home and family doesn’t mean that he is okay. As a matter of fact, him going to the police station proves that. It’s a difficult situation that they’re both in and wrestling with new-found powers that they don’t quite understand is a part of that.

Are we still far from the Cloak & Dagger that the show may be eventually be about? Sure, but there is something rather nice in the bravery that the writers are taking with this story. They’re not feeling the need to give you everything when it comes to the story at one time and we welcome that.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that Cloak & Dagger is not only one of the most ambitious Marvel TV properties out there at the moment, it’s also one of the best. The writers have done a really incredible job of throwing you into this world and then, to go along with that, make this world feel somewhat believable. It’s not about superpowers; instead, it’s about survival and we’ve seen that reverberated at this point through a number of different scenes.

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