The Blacklist season 6: How can NBC series follow up major cliffhanger?

Blacklist season 5While The Blacklist season 6 may not have had a major cliffhanger in terms of lives being in jeopardy, it still is coming off of one of its most earth-shattering endings that we’ve had a chance to see through its run. It’s hard to think of a way that the show could’ve topped itself beyond revealing that the Raymond Reddington we know is not, at least biologically, the same Raymond Reddington who is the father of Elizabeth Keen.

The cliffhanger at the end of season 5 was that Liz finally knows the truth about who her father truly is, but there are many a question out there on the subject of whether or not she chooses to act on this. Will she? Probably, but not right away. Liz is a very smart person, and it’s because of this that she was able to learn the truth about Fake Reddington in the first place. Given that, at least for now, Reddington doesn’t know that she is aware of his biggest secret, we would not be 100% shocked if she bides her time before making some sort of big move to act on this. She can afford to be reasonably patient and allow some of the chips to fall where they may. That’s in her control for the time being.

With that in mind, we don’t see much on the way of resolution for this cliffhanger until many more weeks into the season, where Liz can finally expose the end results of her findings on Fake Red, whatever they may be. She should be out to blindside him, and also expose him in a way that is immensely satisfying — and a way in which he cannot retaliate.

This is the real fear that should be interesting to watch develop over the course of season 6: Seeing if it is at all possible for Reddington to detect that something is going on and if there is a way in which for him to get ahead of whatever storm is inevitably coming his way.

Unfortunately, no matter what happens, it appears as though we are going to have to wait for it. After all, The Blacklist season 6 is currently slated to premiere in the new year. The series is not a part of NBC’s fall schedule.

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