Bull season 3 character spotlight: Where to move forward with Dr. Jason Bull

Michael Weatherly's BullWhat could be coming for the title character on Bull season 3? That’s something we’re going to dive deep into in this particular character spotlight!

As a matter of fact, character spotlights in general are going to be a thing we are emphasizing over the coming weeks. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for spotlights on other characters until we’ve made it through the entire regular cast.

For Bull, the most important thing to remember here is what happened at the end of the season 2 finale with the character suffering a heart attack. That’s the sort of thing that can stick with you and it really doesn’t matter so much if you are someone as powerful as Bull or just an everyday person in New York City. That’s why the first thing that should happen moving forward is rather clear: Show some element of change. We need to get a little bit of a sense that what happened is actually going to hover around in Dr. Bull’s mind for some time. It’s understandable that the character would move on in some capacity but he can’t just forget about it. Maybe he stops drinking or actually goes to bed at home. Maybe he becomes so obsessed with a new routine that it becomes problematic in its own right.

This brings us into the next interesting order of business for Bull: Better showcase an addictive personality. It feels very much like this is precisely what he has, given that he certainly is addicted to the job and at times, his vices extend elsewhere. He’s so good at figuring out the psychology of other people that he has formed a rather massive blind spot when it comes to himself. Looking further into this and understanding it better could be an important cornerstone to the story for whatever comes ahead with the series. It shouldn’t be something that is resolved within one season; it’s a struggle that he could have for some time.

Finally, the last important thing to look it moving into Bull season 3 is Bull coming to terms with what he wants from his romantic life. Were he not interested in a long-term relationship, that’d be one thing. However, his dream in the finale with Isabella does show that he wants some of those things and misses them. He needs to realize that there is a give-and-take with these relationships and needs to offer more to a potential partner; clearly, it’s something that he wants, but wanting it and getting there are two very different things.

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