Elementary season 6 episode 8 review: Could Sherlock move out?

ElementaryHow far was Sherlock Holmes willing to know in order to better ensure that Joan Watson could become a parent? That’s a question that was at the center of Elementary season 6 episode 8 on CBS Monday night.

Sherlock kicked off the episode by returning to the brownstone after many months recovering from his recent ailments. With that being said, he came in to quite a surprise: Joan hosting a pregnant mother whose baby she was considering adopting.

We’re going to focus mostly on the Joan / Sherlock story tonight just because it was so emotional and different for the series. Sherlock actually did everything within his power to encourage this woman in Kelsey that Joan would be a perfect mother to her baby, despite her qualms over her living an unconventional life. He even offered to move somewhere else if she had concerns over that, and reiterated to her that Joan could do and tackle anything.

Admittedly, when Kelsey proclaimed that she was keeping the baby our immediate concern was that Joan would be upset over this. While Sherlock did not mean it, it felt almost like he was the one who kept this from happening even though he wanted nothing more than to have this happen for her. Luckily, Joan seemed to understand that he meant no wrong in his conversation with her — unfortunately, this was just a delicate situation and clearly, this particular situation was not meant to be. Maybe Joan will find another opportunity down the line that she can explore further. There’s hopefully going to be another chance, and she can’t quite help it that she is as inspiring as she is.

As for the case tonight…

It started courtesy of a body found within concrete but overall, this wasn’t the show’s best save for a memorable exchange involving a man losing his towel while on the run. Elementary was coming off of such an intense episode with Michael that it felt fairly clear throughout this hour that it wasn’t going to be able to match that intensity. This case didn’t, and was rather forgettable in comparison to the personal drama.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Elementary was best as a character study and an assessment of how others perceive the relationship between Holmes and Watson. While many of these episodes are anchored by great mysteries, this one was a reminder that not all have to be. Some at times can instead be thought of as powerful, poignant, and personal stories where we understand the characters better.

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