The Resident character spotlight: Where is Conrad’s journey going to lead him?

The Resident

The Resident‘s freshmen season had fans on the edge of their seats the entire time. We have mentioned before that this medical show takes a different approach to what stories are told and we truly appreciated that.

The season ended with a repeat cyberchondriac returning to the ER and informing Devon that Lane has diagnosed her with lymphoma; her test results reveal that she has no cancer markers. This prompted Conrad and Devon to approach Dr. Bell, the newly-made CEO of Chastain, with the information that Dr. Lane Hunter was misdiagnosing patients with cancer. Per protocol, Conrad and Devon informed the FBI and when Lane discovered what was going on, Bell told her to go to her lab and get the most damaging files out and come to his house. However, the FBI showed up at the clinic to arrest her with Bell, having betrayed their romantic relationship for the good of the hospital and his reputation. Meanwhile, Conrad contacted his father for money in order to get Nic out of prison to clear her name. Nic is rehired and in the last minute of the show fans discover that Bell’s new boss is Conrad’s father.

It was a great first season and made us even more excited for season 2, however, what direction is the show headed? We want to focus on what could potentially happen for Dr. Conrad Hawkins when the series returns.

Conflict with his father- We know that Conrad and his father (Marshall Winthrop) don’t see eye to eye and that Conrad wants nothing to do with the wealth his father has. So now that his father is the chairmen of the hospital, things are about to get interesting. During season 1, Conrad made it clear he didn’t want his father to get involved in his life, he only made the exception when it came to Nic, but other than that he keeps his life to himself. So finding out that his father will be directly involved with his work is going to upset him. Knowing Conrad, he will probably confront him and demand to know Marshall’s intentions. Either way look out for the conflict.

Nic and Conrad – We know that during the whole Lane ordeal that Conrad and Nic reunited, but will that last through season 2? Well, we certainly hope so and there’s reason to believe that’s true. Season 1 also ended with the two of them passing by each other in the hallway seemingly looking in love. We know they care for one another, but whether or not they are officially are back together is a question we hope will be answered. We hope that Conrad continues to fight to win her back.

Conrad and Bell – One thing that has been clear from the start is that Bell and Conrad are not on the same page about much of anything. Conrad consistency challenges Bell when he makes a mistake. Bell knows perfectly well that Conrad knows his secret, but Bell believes he is too smart to be outed by anyone, including Conrad. So heading into season 2 we hope that the dynamic between them continues on, because we love to see Conrad get under Bell’s skin. It’s one arrogant doctor challenging his superior arrogant doctor and we love it.

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