Big Brother 20 Ross Mathews pre-game interview takeaways

Big brother 20This morning Ross Mathews conducted the pre-game interviews with the entirety of the Big Brother 20 houseguests, and with that, we do think that we had a chance to get to know even more about all of them.

Going into this interviews, CarterMatt already knew a reasonable amount after researching them and combing through their bios. (You can check out all of our individual spotlights over here.) Here, these interviews were an opportunity to fill in some of the cracks. With that, we have for you a quick blurb about what we learned / didn’t learn about everyone we saw.

Rachel Swindler – We knew she was a big fan, but as it turns out, she’s been watching the show from the very beginning!

Steve Arienta – The undercover cop looks a significant bit more like Jimmy Smits that we first realized. Also, he thinks Derrick has ruined the game for cops everywhere.

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams – The dude wore a shirt with his nickname on it! We like his personality, but he is TRYING WAY TOO HARD TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry – Too many nicknames – what is this Jersey Shore? At least Angie didn’t try to push hers as hard as Chris did.

Tyler Crispen – He was a surfer dude in the bio and he was a surfer dude in his Ross interview. He’s at least cognizant of the fact that most surfer dudes leave the game early.

Haleigh Broucher – We actually found her more compelling in bio form than this interview, which fit her even more into the Texas A&M archetype that we’re not altogether interested in.

Sam Bledsoe – She comes across as super-likable and distinct in her interview. She’s a welder with a strong southern accent, a large vocabulary and seems to understand people really well.

JC Monduix – He’s got enthusiasm, but he seems to have literally no idea what he’s doing or what Big Brother is. This isn’t going to go well.

Kaycee Clark – We didn’t know she had so many tattoos! She’s got a good attitude, but she didn’t pop off the screen personality-wise.

Scottie Salton – He described his voice as “Elmo on HGH,” which may be our favorite comparison of all time. He’s a little bonkers and maybe one of our favorites.

Kaitlyn Herman – She has more of an understanding of the game than we first thought, but it still feels like she’s really just there to sell her life-coach brand.

Faysal Shafaat – Why is this guy really here? He came across as really bland in his Ross interview, mumbling a lot and not seeming to be altogether psyched up about anything.

Brett Robinson – He’s a gamer and a threat. He’s not the most magnetic personality, but his interview lined up with our thoughts of him pre-interview.

Winston Hines – We were hard on him pre-interview calling him effectively the Mayor of Bland City, but here he was personable, likable, and understood the game more than we thought he would. We’re giving him more of a chance now.

Bayleigh Dayton – She’s basically what we thought she would be: Nice, well-spoken, and self-aware. Her history in beauty pageants helps with that.

Angela Rummans – She came across as competitive and intelligent, and definitely someone other players should fear within the game.

As we mentioned, head over here to see all of our longer spotlights and thoughts on everyone. Big Brother premieres on June 27, and you can like CarterMatt on Facebook for some additional news regarding the series. (Photo: CBS.)

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